Peter Cudmore

Contributing Writer

Peter Cudmore's native discipline is music. The college he chose - Goldsmiths', London - had close proximity to the South Bank concert hall complex, an electronic music studio and a core commitment to new musics and parallel programmes in visual arts and dance.

His interest was in absolute music (instrumental music in the European 'classical' genres, linked to folk and popular forms), with particular emphasis on virtuosity and technique. Back then, vocal music, poetry, literature and philosophy was mostly outside his purview.

He specialized in composition, and developed an apprenticeship to a point where he was offered (in the early 1980s) an attractive opportunity to follow a D. Mus. program at the University of Pennsylvania, which he was unable to take up due to lack of funds. As a result, he became interested in the soft evaluative socio-economic processes surrounding the formation of a professional creative career.

Currently he is completing a PhD in the English and Philosophy departments at Edinburgh University, called The Social Context of Creativity.