Liam Cagney

Editor: Books and Contemporary Music

Liam CagneyLiam Cagney was born in Donegal in Ireland. He studied at University College Dublin for a Bachelor of Arts in Music and English, graduating in 2005 with first class honours in both. He received his Master’s in Music from King’s College London in 2007 with a dissertation on spectral music theory in the work of Gérard Grisey. He intends to further his academic studies by beginning doctoral research in 2009.

Liam is an active amateur musician, engaged in experimental and noise music. He is also an active composer, and has contributed work to a couple of film soundtracks. His main areas of interest musically are contemporary music and the composition of Grisey, Young, Feldman and Beethoven; main literary interests are Becket, Joyce, and Blanchot.

His work has previously been published in The Musicology Review – a University College Dublin journal for which he had the lead-off article (on Webern, Bach and the musical work) in 2006, and also that year helped to sub-edit; and he is hoping to have further academic work on Gérard Grisey published in the near future.